S & S Rolloffs Service Agreement of Nonhazardous Waste

**Please read as our policies have changed**

Customers will be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and/or documents in regard to placement of S & S Rolloffs's containers on the street and shall be liable for any and all fines and penalties incurred. If S & S Rolloffs's container must be moved due to failure on the customer's part to obtain permits, customers will be responsible for any and all expenses incurred by S & S Rolloffs. The customer agrees to provide a suitable site for the equipment and will provide S & S Rolloffs with full access to all equipment provided at all times during the duration of the job. Customers acknowledge that S & S Rolloffs shall not be held liable for any damage to pavement, driveway, sidewalk, lawn or any other surfaces resulting from S & S Rolloffs's truck servicing the agreed upon area. Customers will be charged a service fee of $150 if the dumpster must be moved due to failure to prepare premises for delivery of the dumpster. Please note that customers also agree to be held responsible for the fees associated with leaving tires ($50) and mattresses ($100) to be disposed of in the dumpsters.

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